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Thit is a great game that I would to see made in a full game in the short time I played it got me in the feels.

Thank you so much! <3 

I finished the game. I again played it and fell in the water and now my player is stuck in the water LMAO

Might be time for an update, hehe.

Enjoyed this game greatly. Sometimes it is nice to kick back and enjoy some nice scenery instead of the chaos of some other games xD loved it a lot =D

Thank you for the review! Was fun to watch your experience.


beautiful art...amazing art, the level design is really good too, also like the character control, 


Thank you so much!

if you guys ever needed another programmer in your team or even for your next projects im in, i can help with gamedesign,story,... as well


Awesome, thanks! We'll keep that in mind. Currently, we're not working on any games though.

ok cool